Hi! My name is Louise Wallace, I'm a Mum to a busy little farm-girl in Marlborough.
Let Them Be Seen was created because we need to give our children the opportunity to actually be seen when out and about; Hi-Vis clothing can be worn in so many walks of a child's life. I have a number of Mum's and Dad's who make their children wear Hi-Vis every time they go on the farm, some that wear it everyday on their walk to school, others that have them hanging from their bike, so when they're biking the streets, they're being seen.
So whether you are after some Hi-Vis for on the farm or the school walk/bike, maybe you're a kindy or school group; or whether you just want your kid's being seen, wherever they are; Thank you.
Thank you for giving them the opportunity to "Be Seen"
- Louise